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Q&A for Hero Nutradefense issue in China

Published: Friday, March 29, 2013

1. Did Hero know what happened in November last year and why did the company wait until now to announce it?
We take the concerns of all consumers very seriously and their well-being is Hero’s number one priority.

We learned in December that Suzhou authorities had begun an investigation into alleged illegal repackaging by a sub-distributor. We immediately cooperated with the authorities to investigate the matter.

Going forward, we are committed to continue working with the relevant authorities and will take whatever steps necessary to guarantee the safety of consumers.

Given the allegations outlined in the CCTV report, we felt it was right to issue a statement to address consumers’ concerns. We take the concerns of consumers very seriously and will continue to investigate this matter.

2. How do you ensure the Hero Nutradefense on the shelves is safe?
All Hero Nutradefense is produced exclusively in the Netherlands to the highest standards of quality and safety in accordance with Chinese regulations. All Hero Nutradefense imported into China has passed relevant and strict CIQ quality tests.

As a part of our investigation into this matter, we are exploring how to better monitor our sub- distributors to continue to ensure the integrity of all Hero products sold in China.

3. Can you give us an update on the official investigation?
We have and will continue to fully cooperate with relevant authorities to ensure the safety of consumers in China. As of now, we have received no information which would require further action on our part.

4. The milk powder in question is 美素丽儿 (Meisulier). Is that your brand?
What is the difference between 美素丽儿 and 美素佳儿?
Hero Nutradefense, a Hero Group Product, is now known in Chinese as Tian Fu Mei Su. Prior to April 2012, it was known in Chinese as Meisulier. We cannot comment on any other brands owned by other companies.

5. How is Nutradefense sold in China? What’s the relationship between Hero, Jampoo and your distributors?
Hero Nutradefense is produced exclusively for Hero in the Netherlands by Friesland Campina on the basis of Hero’s own recipe. All health certificates and official documents confirm this origin.
Jampoo is the sole responsible party for the distribution of Hero Nutradefense in China and engages sub-distributors to reach customers and consumers.
No company is licensed to produce or repackage our products inside China.

6. Is there a difference between the Hero Nutradefense you are selling in China and that sold abroad?
All Hero Nutradefense is produced exclusively in the Netherlands using 100% Dutch milk to the highest standards of quality and safety. In accordance with Chinese regulations, the product made for the China market has higher average protein content than the Nutradefense milks sold in Europe. Our strict quality standards are globally applicable.

7. Have you launched an investigation? What does this entail? How will you ensure your sub-distributors will not do this again?
The incident in Suzhou was according to our information centred around the wrongdoing of one individual. The person involved was immediately replaced and stricter screening has been applied by our distributor. Hero does not tolerate any deviations from its strict quality standards and regrets any concern this issue may have caused among consumers.