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Conserving the goodness of nature

Our beliefs echo those of archeologists and restorers: what is of value deserves to be conserved, defended, protected and nurtured for everyone to enjoy. This is why we at Hero have made it our mission to conserve the works of the greatest artist of all time – Mother Nature.

Our work starts at the source itself: farmers, growers and planters all over the world. From Francisco Javier, a farmer in Jumilla, Spain, who grows peaches for our baby food, to Dirk, a strawberry farmer in Schmilau, Germany, and Hans, who grows potatoes for our Swiss Rösti in Endingen. In Egypt, Khalil and Mahmoud work the fields to provide us with fresh produce, while Sören in Köping, Sweden, provides hundreds of tons of oats for our infant cereals. These are real people who we know personally and trust.

With precision rivalling that of Swiss watch makers, we conserve the fruits of their land. Indeed, Hero is like a time machine, capturing the taste and nutritional value of fruit, grain and dairy products, and conserving these works of art against the ravages of time. And so, we take consumers back to that very moment when Mother Nature presents her work with absolute perfection – ripe and tasty fruit freshly picked from trees or raw produce harvested from fields.

“In essence, little has changed since Hero was founded in 1886.The company consumers by conserving all the goodness they found in nature, and that is what we still do today. ”

In the 130 years between then and now, Hero has acquired a considerable global reputation. Using both timeless care and state-of-the-art technology, we distribute nature's goodness to hundreds of millions of consumers in scores of countries, spread over five continents.

Our customers may be 82 years old, or 82 months, or 82 days. In each case, our food provides the nutrients needed for them to lead a healthy life, all conveniently packaged and conserved.

Our family-owned company includes dozens of brands. We represent a significant force in jams, healthy snacks, and baby/infant foods. With brands synonymous with quality, such as Hero, Hero Baby, Organix, Beech-Nut, Queensberry and Schwartau, we are accustomed to prominent market positions in many local markets. They are our local heroes.

Some call us a food manufacturer – we disagree. For us, it is Mother Nature who makes food – all we do is conserve the goodness, for you. We are her treasurer and are in her debt. This is why we are striving to help nature through our bee careful initiative, which seeks to protect bee populations that are vital to fruit diversity.