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Delight consumers by conserving the goodness of nature

About Hero

We are an international, family owned company with a rich heritage and more than 125 years´ experience of conserving fruit and vegetable based products and making them convenient to consumers. Our company purpose or mission is built upon this heritage and our commitment to making the best possible products with natural ingredients.

Our brands

Our brands play a key role in helping us realize our company mission. Take a look at the stories throughout this site or click on the logos below to find out more about our brands.

Delighting consumers

Delighting consumers is a part of our mission and reflects our goal of offering consumers superior products that say ‘goodness’, ‘natural’ and ‘just like home-made’.

ā€œ Iā€™m convinced that by going back to basics and focusing on (maintaining) the natural goodness of our products we can truly delight our consumers. ā€

                                Rob Versloot - CEO

Rob Versloot - CEO

United Local Heroes

Our vision, 'United Local Heroes' is about aligning our capabilities, skills and knowledge around our shared purpose. The way we work and connect together at Hero allows us to optimise synergies across different countries, share and learn from best practices and drive group-wide opportunities. At the same time we tailor our innovations to local consumer needs. Put simply, we work together globally to achieve the best possible results locally.