More than 130 years of experience in conserving fruit

Natural Spreads

We work closely with local farmers who grow the fruit that goes into our superbly tasty jams to ensure consistent quality, and indulgent colors across all the raw materials we use.

This requires high levels of craftsmanship and partnerships with our suppliers. We use tried and tested processes to ensure that our high-quality standards are met – from the land to a jar, to our consumers’ tables.

“Knowing about the diversity nature offers us, it is both a pleasure and challenge to transform fruit in the gentlest way possible to keep their authentic taste in our jams.”

Sebastian Portius

VP R&D Hero Group

Trusted farmers

At Hero, we believe that we are not food producers – all we do is conserve the goodness made by Mother Nature. To do this, we have enlisted the help of farmers from all corners of the world. They help us by providing the best quality fruit for our jams, allowing us to deliver their natural goodness to consumers. From sourcing the best growers to carefully and precisely timing the harvesting and processing of the fruit, we work hard to maintain the highest possible standards.

Working with our growers

Natural Spreads brand overview

Our Natural Spreads are offered under different brand names, depending on from where you are enjoying them. The one thing they have in common is that they're all great.


In 1910, the Hero brand name was launched. The brand name is a combination of the family name initials from Gustav Henckell and Karl Roth, who established the company in 1886. Since then, the name Hero has become synonymous with conservation, quality, taste, and the goodness of nature.

Hero (Italy)
Hero (MEA)
Hero (Netherlands)
Hero (Spain)
Hero (Switzerland)
Hero (Brazil)


The first jam from our brand Schwartau was introduced to the German market in 1912. Since then, Schwartau has developed and produced high-quality, great tasting jams, all with a focus on using the best local ingredients. Schwartau’s jams are among the most loved in Germany.

Schwartau (Germany)
Schwartau (Czech Republic)


In the Middle East and Africa, our jams are sold under the brand name Vitrac. The fruit for our jams is chosen from renowned farms and is processed in our production site in Egypt.

Vitrac (Egypt)


Our premium-quality brand Queensberry has a leading position in the jams market in Brazil, where it was founded more than 30 years ago. The state-of-the-art production facilities are located in Itatiba, São Paulo State. Queensberry has been part of the Hero Group since 2015.

Queensberry (Brazil)

Casa de Mateus

In Portugal, the name Casa de Mateus is synonymous with high-quality natural jam. Casa de Mateus was founded in the Iberian state more than 50 years ago and is a staple item in most Portuguese households.

Casa de Mateus (Portugal)

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