Mums want to give all the goodness they have - so do we

Infant Milks & Formula

Mums want to give their little ones all the goodness they have. So do we. At Hero, we believe in the goodness of nature, hence breastmilk composition and benefits are our source of inspiration.

When breastfeeding is not possible, we offer a range of unique baby and toddler milks developed thanks to over 80 years of studying and learning from nature to ensure our babies have a good start in life. Based on the latest scientific evidence, we provide our advanced formula with milk fat and MFGM, one of the most important nutrients naturally present in breast milk. Thanks to milk fat, our babies can grow without us needing to use palm oil.

Hero Institute for Infant Nutrition

Our baby and toddler food and milk products are developed in association with the Hero Institute for Infant Nutrition. The team also works in collaboration with our Scientific Advisory Board comprised of internationally renowned pediatricians and nutritionists.

Breastfeeding is the best form of nutrition for your baby and we highly recommend it for all mothers. One of the most important nutrients naturally present in breastmilk is milk fat.  Milk fat is surrounded by Milk Fat Globule Membranes (MFGM), which are particularly rich in bio-active components. MFGM is important for the optimal cognitive and brain development, and immune system development in little ones.

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BTM brands overview

We offer our baby and toddler milks under different brand names. Find out more about the brand in your country or region.

Hero Nutrasense

Hero Baby was founded in Spain in 1985 and is our brand for baby and toddler food and milks. All our Hero Baby products are developed with the support of our Hero Institute for Infant Nutrition. Today, Hero Baby milks are sold in several countries, including Spain, the Netherlands, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, China and various other countries.

Hero Nutrasense (Spain)
Hero Baby (MEA)
Hero Nutrasense (Netherlands)


Semper is the leading baby food brand in Sweden, enjoying a strong reputation based on the experience the company has gained since its founding in 1938. Apart from Sweden, Semper baby and toddler milks are available in Denmark, Norway, Russia, the Baltic countries and China.

Semper (Sweden)
Semper (Russia)


Most Czech and Slovakian babies grew up with Sunar, one of the leading baby food brands in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Sunar baby and toddler milks enjoy a strong reputation based on the experience gained since 1936.

Sunar (Czech)
Sunar (Slovakia)

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