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Baby & Toddler Food

We are proud to have fed babies all over the world for generations. Our baby food portfolio consists of a wide range of brands and products.

Our local brands have a long history of offering consumers the best in class nutrition and always respecting the goodness of the natural ingredients. This is why we work with the best natural ingredients and do not add artificial preservatives. We strive to always encourage the love of good food and live up to the trust our consumers put in us.

Hero Institute for Infant Nutrition

Our baby and toddler food and milk products are developed and produced in association with the Hero Institute for Infant Nutrition and our own Scientific Advisory Board comprised of internationally renowned pediatricians and nutritionists.

Baby & Toddler Food brand overview

We offer a variety of baby and toddler food and snacks in countless markets under different brand names. Find out more below.

Hero Nutrasense

Hero Baby was founded in Spain in 1985 and is our brand for baby and toddler food and milks. All our Hero Baby products are developed with the support of our Hero Institute for Infant Nutrition. Today, these products are sold in several countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, China, Luxembourg, Turkey, Egypt, the Gulf states, and various other export countries.

For more information, please visit:
Hero Nutrasense (Spain)
Hero Nutrasense (Netherlands)

Hero Baby (MEA)
Hero Baby (Turkey)


Semper is the leading baby food brand in Sweden, enjoying a strong reputation based on the experience the company has gained since its founding in 1938. Semper also enjoys a strong position within baby nutrition in Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland and the Baltic countries. Semper is now also available in China and Russia.

Semper (General)
Semper (Sweden)
Semper (Denmark)
Semper (Finland)
Semper (Norway)
Semper (Russia)


Our US-based baby food brand Beech-Nut strives to inspire a lifelong love of good food. The range of Beech-Nut naturals was developed with the aspiration to provide consumers with products that are the closest to homemade as possible, and are therefore made from premium ingredients cooked in a gentle way to keep the color and taste of the natural ingredients we use – just fruit and vegetables without any artificial preservatives. Beech-Nut doesn’t offer baby food, but food for babies.

Beech-Nut (US)


Organix works to fulfill its mission that good food should be a choice for everyone. This organic baby food brand was founded in 1992 in the UK and has become a highly appreciated organic brand for consumers who appreciate the philosophy, products, and social engagement of the brand. The No Junk Promise is our commitment to use just natural ingredients in all our Organix products.

Organix (UK)
Organix (Switzerland DE)
Organix (Switzerland FR)

Organix (Dutch)

Freche Freunde

At Freche Freunde, life is all about having fun and encouraging little ones to become the biggest fruit and veg fans. The Berlin-based startup offers a broad range of yummy organic snacks for babies and toddlers.

Freche Freunde (Germany)
Freche Freunde (Switzerland)

Baby Gourmet

Baby Gourmet is Canada’s leading brand of organic baby food, specializing in nutritious and delicious packaged food for babies and toddlers. Co-founded in 2005 by sisters Jen and Jill, Baby Gourmet began with a desire to help parents by offering delicious organic food they could feel good feeding their babies.  Today, nearly 20 years later, Baby Gourmet is now a household name for busy families across the country, and Jen and Jill’s desire to help parents and babies on their food journey has remained just as clear. They develop every product and never compromise on quality or taste, using only the very best ingredients.

Baby Gourmet (Canada)


Most Czech and Slovakian babies grow up with Sunar, a traditional leading infant milk brand that also offers different baby food under their Sunarka and Sunarek brands.

Sunar (Czech Rep)
Sunar (Slovakia)


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